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8 reasons why you need a party bus for your 30th birthday party
January 29, 2021 at 6:00 AM
Photo of women celebrating a birthday party on a party bus.

You have to plan a 30th birthday party. Now what? Consider adding luxury transportation to your list of party ideas. Not only does a party bus make a birthday party luxurious and unique, but they are also affordable and offer an extra step of security all night long. Here are eight reasons why you need a party bus for your 30th birthday party:

1. You can bring more friends

Your 30th birthday is a big milestone in life. You’ll never forget the celebration surrounded by all your loved ones. With a party bus, you can bring up to 25 of your closest friends and family, and they will never forget that experience.

2. You’ll get to where you want to be safely

Party bus drivers are professionally trained and are held to a high standard of service. Renting a party bus ensures no one in your group has to worry about driving their own vehicle, preventing the risk of someone driving under the influence. You and your loved ones will get to every location safely.

3. You can go to more places

A party bus is the best way to hit all of the hotspots in the city. Instead of coordinating getting to places separately, it’s easier to let our professional drivers get your whole group to each place. Our drivers know how to get to all of the spots that your group may want to visit.

4. It’s easier than getting an Uber

A party bus is easier than worrying about taking a Taxi or a ride-sharing company like Uber. For large groups, it can be expensive and complicated to get everyone to each spot. Our hourly party bus rentals can get your entire group to each spot at once at an affordable cost. Not only will you arrive together, but you can continue your party while on the bus.

5. You'll get a tour of the city

A party bus is a perfect way to get a tour of the city. You won’t have to worry about driving or getting directions to your destination. We provide party bus services in the beautiful cities of Savannah, Georgia, Hilton Head, South Carolina, and Jacksonville, Florida. When you and your friends are on board one of our buses, you’ll get the best views during your party.

6. You get to choose when and where you want to be

Choosing to have a party bus for your birthday party means you’ll get a lot of flexibility with where you want to be picked up and dropped off. Your driver will wait for you at each place to make sure you leave whenever you want and get to the next spot in a timely way. You get to pick how long you want to be somewhere.

7. We worry about the logistics

We worry about your plans and use our management skills to ensure they are executed to your standards. Whether you use a party bus for your birthday party or any other reason, we provide the drivers, gas, parking, and the route. With some of our select packages, we even provide food and party favors.

8. The party bus experience can’t be replaced

Our party buses are equipped with party lighting, amazing sound systems, and comfortable seating. You’ll be able to listen to your favorite soundtrack so you can keep the party going en route to your next destination. We offer packages that come with onboard amenities like food and drinks.

Are you planning an upcoming birthday party and want to take it to the next level? Whether it’s for your 30th birthday or any other year, our party bus service keeps the energy and vibe going all night long so your experience will be one you’ll never forget — all in a clean and well air-conditioned bus. Plan your trip ahead. Reach out to us for 2021 bookings!

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