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3 reasons you need to rent a party bus for Labor Day
August 3, 2021 at 7:00 AM
Two girls with beers cheersing to good times. Celebrate Labor Day the right way and rent a party bus.

Holidays like Labor Day are built for partying. If you’re planning on making this Labor Day one to remember but are unsure where to start, you came to the right place. There’s no better way to take your party to the next level than deciding to rent a party bus. Luckily, at Image is Everything Party Bus, we’re the leading party bus provider in Savannah, GA. It’s impossible to maximize fun without one. Unlike competitors, we’re fun, offer transparent pricing, and can even help with planning.

Here’s why you need a party bus for Labor Day:

1. You don’t have to worry about driving

A major benefit when you rent a party bus is you don’t have to worry about driving. This means a few things. Firstly, you and your group can get from point to point safely.

If you’re planning a bar crawl to commemorate Labor Day, there’s no safer alternative. Party buses eliminate the need for a designated driver. Instead, you get a driver committed to getting you where you want to go. This also means everyone can have fun.

Plus, when driving, you have to worry about parking and ensuring everyone arrives at the location. A party bus removes this from the equation. Everyone arrives at the same time and parking is nothing but an afterthought.

If the prospect of driving during libations is unappealing, Image is Everything’s party bus is a great way to ensure no one has to drive and everyone can have fun.

2. It’s cheaper

Another great advantage to consider when deciding to rent a party bus is it’s significantly cheaper. When people travel separately, it gets expensive.

Especially if everyone is taking a cab or paying for their ride, expenses add up. When everyone pitches in, your group ensures everyone saves money. Plus, depending on where you’re celebrating Labor Day, parking can be expensive.

Whether you’re paying at a parking meter or a parking garage, these things add up, especially if you’re planning on hitting multiple destinations. With a party bus, everyone saves money on parking and travel, which means more money to spend on the good times.

If you’re looking for a cheap way to elevate your Labor Day to something more rarefied, Image is Everything’s party buses are the surest way to make that happen.

3. The party doesn’t stop

When trying to hit all the hot spots to make your party one to remember, it’s important to consider what happens in transit.

An essential reason to rent a party bus is, when you have one transporting you from point to point, the party never stops, and you can maintain crucial momentum. When you have a party bus, you have a personal, mobile club.

This means the fun never has to end, and the night will truly be one to remember. From the moment you board to the moment you’re dropped off, the party never has to end. A party bus means more time for your group to enjoy yourselves, make memories, and capitalize on the holiday.

Even better, we'll stock your bus with amenities, like snacks, drinks, and decorations. These amenities can be vital to sustaining yourself when the party starts raging.

Book a party bus now!

To make Labor Day one to remember, Image is Everything is the premier solution. There’s truly no better way to make this holiday unforgettable. Unlike competitors, we’re super fun, offer transparent pricing, and help make plans and arrangements. Contact us now to book a rolling party! Our idea of fun is ensuring that you have a blast.

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