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Top 6 Questions To Ask When Hiring Party Bus Service in Hinesville, GA
October 25, 2022 at 10:00 PM
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When it’s party bus time, it’s tempting to put down your brain and pick up your party hat. The good times are coming, but first, you need to adult.

There are important questions to ask your party bus service provider to ensure that you don't waste money, lose friends, break the law, get stranded, or end up paying through the nose for hidden fees. Party bus services want you to have a good time, and they are more than happy to chat with you and answer your questions in a clear, friendly way. Once you have all the critical details, you can discuss costs and timing with your crew. That way, when it’s party day, you only need to worry about one thing: having fun.

Top 6 Questions for Party Bus Services

To avoid a money headache on top of your hangover headache, ask these six questions when interviewing party bus services in Hinesville, GA, and beyond. Drumroll, please!

1. What kind of buses do they have, and what is the capacity?

Your night out shouldn’t be a nightmare of crowded, hot, discomfort on the bus. Finding out your own numbers first is crucial – get those RSVPs and nail down your party size. Having a bus that safely seats everyone in your party is absolutely non-negotiable. Your party bus service provider will recommend the right vehicle for your group, and you can double-check that there is enough legroom.

2. What amenities are offered with the rental?

Some rentals may come with specialized lighting, refreshments, surround sound, and a backseat bar. Check whether you're allowed to bring your own food and drinks, what the smoking policy is, and how much control you have over the music.

3. Do clients need to submit a route to the driver?

Find out whether the party bus service wants a list of stops for the night or whether you’re allowed to play it by ear. Party bus services often recommend stops, so be sure to ask whether your driver already has a favorite route.

4. Is the company properly licensed and insured?

You don’t want to be in a party bus that gets pulled over only to find out the driver doesn't have the right kind of license, the vehicle registration isn't up to date, or your party bus service isn't licensed to conduct business. Ask for licensing and insurance information, and verify that it’s up to date. Any party bus service that is legal and certified will be happy to provide this information.

5. Are there any hidden charges, and how much are cancellations?

Before you book, ask for an official quote that includes fuel charges, cleaning fees, gratuity, taxes, “accident” cleaning, and time-overage fees. Verify whether cancellations are allowed and how far in advance you need to give notification. Only sign a contract for a party bus service once you clearly understand the charges and regulations for the bus you’re hiring.

6. Is drinking alcohol allowed in the vehicle?

This is important: some party buses don’t allow drinking. Some states don’t allow drinking on party buses. Some companies don’t allow drinking on party buses. Sometimes only ID is required to drink on party buses. You need to find out if you can drink on your party bus. Ask, and then follow the rules of your party bus service.

Using a party bus should always be a good time. Organizing the bus doesn’t have to be a chore; it should be the beginning of the party! Do your due diligence to ensure you don’t run into surprise fees, legal issues, or missed pick-ups. For the best party bus service in Hinesville, GA, contact Image is Everything Party Bus Service.

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