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Celebrate the New Year in Style with Savannah’s Preferred Party Bus Service
December 23, 2020 at 10:30 PM
Book a party bus service for a fun and memorable NYE.

It’s hard to have a New Year’s celebration that lives up to the holiday’s hype––unless you plan for an incredible evening and take the necessary steps to see it through. Too often, people just put on their fancy clothes and show up at a place hoping for a magical evening. Like so many other things in life, if you want something to happen, you’ve got to do it yourself. Your venue might offer a champagne toast, a balloon drop, and even artisanal confetti tossed from the ceiling. But if you spend half the night waiting on transportation to get you there, the magic at midnight won’t be the thing you remember.

It’s easy to have a fun, safe, and memorable (for the right reasons) New Year’s Eve if you book a Savannah party bus service for the night.

What does a party bus service do?

Chances are you’ve seen a party bus in movies and television, even if you’ve never been on one. They’re nightclubs on wheels, with good music, a light show, even food and drink packages available for riders. Booking a party bus can transform an event from expected and ordinary to a party that people talk about for years to come. Booking a party bus service is like having a secret hack for making memorable nights with your friends and family.

You can organize a larger group for your event, and trust everyone will get to the venue on time (and together) when you all share a ride. No one will want to miss out on the ride when you tell your friends you’ve booked a party bus. Our Image is Everything party buses come in two different sizes, for up to 18 guests and up to 25 guests.

A party bus service does so much more than drive you from one place to another.

Check out some of our Image is Everything packages.

Any party bus service should offer an array of features to suit a wide range of situations. On New Year’s Eve, you want to go all out to ring in the new year with style. If you’re planning a night of partying with friends, we offer packages to ensure you can keep the party going while in transit.

Premium Level: a 25-person party bus designed for special occasions and holiday parties, with affordable rates for a group.

Gold Package: when all you need is your friends for a good time, this package includes an hour of party time on an 18-person bus with a bottle of spirits, wings, and fries.

Platinum Package: for the spare-no-expense crowd, an hour of party time on a 25-person bus with two bottles of sparkling cider, two bottles of your choice of spirits, plus wings and fries.

Our customer service experts will offer guidance and insight into which package will best suit your needs when you call to book a party bus service for New Year’s Eve

Plan your New Year’s Eve transportation today by booking Savannah’s preferred party transportation; the Image Is Everything Party Bus.

Only amateurs get stuck with New Year’s Eve surcharges on rideshare apps. Instead, be a holiday hero by booking a party bus so you can start the party from the moment you leave home, and keep it going no matter how many stops you have scheduled for the night. New Year’s is all about creating memories to last at least through the year, and hopefully for a lifetime. You don’t want those memories to be of waiting in the cold for a ride that will never arrive.

If you’re making a plan for New Year’s, book a party bus for anywhere from 14 to 25 passengers, with optional premier food and beverage packages.

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