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Host the Best Party Bus Bachelorette Party Ever
February 24, 2021 at 12:00 AM
Two girls with beers cheersing to good times. Celebrate Labor Day the right way and rent a party bus.

While the bride will remember the wedding as one of the best days of her life, the bachelorette party also needs to hold a special place in her memory.

Making it a party bus bachelorette party is a definite way to turn the fun all the way up. But as the host and planner, your job doesn’t end there. You still have more details to get right.

We’re all about fun and memorable parties at Image is Everything Party Bus, so we know a thing or two about how to host the best ones.

Confirm what the bride likes

Remember, the bride is the focus. The first step to making sure she and everyone else has an amazing time is getting her thoughts on what kind of bachelorette party she wants.

Pay attention to the mood she’s going for. If she’s interested in a crazy weekend, get ready to plan a party that gives everyone the chance to get wild. But if she’s more interested in a calm, casual evening, there’s still plenty you can do to host an incredible bachelorette party along that theme. Either way, her wishes come first.

Do the same for the games she wants to play, food and drink, and the music.

Make sure the party keeps its rhythm

Even with a solid plan to visit all the fun places around town, you need to make sure the party doesn’t lose some of its liveliness while you’re changing spots. A party bus bachelorette party is a great way to maintain a fun atmosphere.

Commonly described as having a nightclub feel, a party bus turns the time you spend moving from venue to venue into a genuinely exciting part of the evening.

You can move about surrounded by lights, decorations, and music that keep the party mood strong.

Maintaining the spirit of the party is also about making sure you all stick together and move as a group. Luckily, a party bus helps with this, too. You don’t have to worry about not fitting into a taxi or uber, and you can change venues exactly when you feel like it.

Make everyone in charge of something

You don’t want to miss all the fun while juggling everything that’s needed to make the party go well. That’s why, as early in the planning stage as possible, you should try to split responsibilities among everyone.

The bride can sit back and watch it all come together, of course, but everyone else has to chip in with a little effort.

Doing things this way also makes it likelier that everything will go according to plan, since no one will be overwhelmed by having too much to do.

Plus, everyone’s different ideas will make the bachelorette party feel more varied.

Get clear on all the expenses

Budgeting isn’t the most fun thing to think about when putting a party together, but it’s essential for a great bachelorette party. A careful budget helps you to only make promises you can deliver on, so no one is left disappointed.

On the flip side, if you plan without checking what you’re able to spend, you might end up being overcautious and leaving out party features that everyone would have enjoyed.

When you book the party bus, for example, our transparent pricing makes the fee crystal clear from the start. If you can get the same upfront pricing for all the services you’ll be booking, you’ll be able to make full use of your budget for a bachelorette party that’s unforgettable.

Host the Best Party Bus Bachelorette Party Ever

With party buses that enliven celebrations and carry anywhere from 14 to 25 passengers, we can provide you with transportation and a party base in one unit. Take the first step to hosting a bachelorette party everyone will love and book a party bus today.

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