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Have a Party Bus Party with Image Is Everything
July 24, 2020 at 6:00 AM
experience a party bus party with Image is Everything

Whether you’ve got a night out planned with your friends, are adding a punctuation mark to a milestone at work, or are celebrating a big birthday, a party bus party is the way to do it right. If we’re being honest, it’s the ultimate way to throw a party.

Image is Everything is Savannah’s premier party bus service, and we take you, your friends, family, and special someone across town in style. Here’s why you need to experience a party bus with us.

No Party Like A Party Bus Party

If you're visiting Savannah, GA, for the first time or you’ve lived here your whole life, a party bus gives you an extra special way to experience the city. Even if you’ve been here before or call it home, a party bus can give you a new perspective on one of Georgia’s coolest and oldest cities.

Let’s be honest: nobody enjoys leaving a club, bar, restaurant, or other spot with a bunch of friends and trying to coordinate how everyone is going to split up and meet back up at the next location. Besides, who wants to stop the party just because the venue has to change? We make it easier on you and your friends so you don’t have to stop partying until the night is over. Renting a party bus from Image is Everything makes planning a night out so much easier—and more fun.

Think about it this way: renting with us is a cost-effective way to get from party spot to party spot without killing the buzz and vibe just because someone wants to go somewhere else. Many of our satisfied customers often refer to our buses as having a nightclub feel, but in motion.

Music on the stereo? Check. Drinks flowing? Check? People having an absolute blast? For sure. This is unlike any limo you’ve ever been in. While limos can fit several people, you can’t dance and move to the groove in them like you can on a party bus.

Leave the Planning and Driving to Us

For a lot of people, planning an event is the last thing they want to do when they think about all the fun they want to have at the event. Being bogged down with the details of keeping the party going and everyone accounted for can be a huge buzzkill and prevent you from enjoying the night like you deserve.

When you rent with us, we’ll hook you up with a dedicated driver to escort you and your friends around Savannah in style. Besides, no one needs to get behind the wheel when they’ve been partying. So, not only do we keep the party going from location to location, but we make sure you and your friends get from place to place safely—exactly how it should be.

And while we love escorting people safety and stylishly around Savannah, we aren’t constrained by Savannah’s borders. We’re happy to offer party bus services in Hilton Head, SC, and Jacksonville, FL. So, whether you want to experience the history and nightlight of Savannah, the classic charm of South Carolina, or bop between islands in Jacksonville, we’ve got you covered.

Come Party with Image is Everything

Nothing compares to throwing an absolutely legendary party that you and your friends will definitely be talking about years down the road. But what makes parties so memorable isn’t just who you party with, but where you partied. Think you’ll be talking about how you and your friends crammed into a ride-share and got to the next party late and missed an epic moment? Don’t bet on it.

Image is Everything keeps the party rolling wherever you and your friends decide to take it. Let us take you there in style. Get in touch with us today to schedule your party bus party, and get ready to make some memories.

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